Cameron Valley | Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do people seek professional counseling?

· It is helpful when considering mental health services to think of two factors - intensity of your distress, and the duration of the problem. A general rule is that two full weeks of moderate to intense upset is a good reason to seek an assessment by a professional.

Q. Is this service confidential?
· Yes. Both ethics codes and state laws require confidentiality of identity and information shared.  Exceptions are in legal cases only.  Your therapist will tell you more about this.

Q. What ages do you serve?
· At CVPCA, there are therapists specializing in every age from pre-school children, to teens, to adults, to geriatrics.

Q. Do you have group therapy available?
· Yes.  Group therapy is offered by several CVPCA professionals.  Groups are usually at night and are offered for specific problems, such as eating disorders, chemical dependency, women's issues, and others.

Q. Who do I call if I need medication?
· For medication needs, contact one of the psychiatrists.  They have MD listed after their names.  No one else may prescribe medication.

Q. What if I also need or wish adjunct psychotherapy?
· You may contact a psychotherapist before seeing a doctor or ask the MD psychiatrist to recommend someone.

Q. How long will I need to come?
· The therapy process varies widely.  Some may be ready to terminate in 1-3 sessions.  Others may come in for many months.  Your therapist will discuss this with you early in the treatment. Individual sessions run from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the type of session.  Group can last longer - at times 90 minutes.

Q. How much does therapy cost? Do you file insurance?
· Each CVPCA therapist sets his/her own fee schedule and billing/insurance practices.  Fees at CVPCA are in line with local professional fees.

Q. What if I need hospitalization?
· Not all CVPCA therapists have "hospital practices" and privileges at local hospitals, but all can assist in advising and arranging for hospitalization, detox, or confinement if needed.

Q. How is your waiting room set up?
· You will not be seated with dozens of other people.  Our buildings are arranged with clusters of therapists (3-5) sharing a small waiting area.  Confidentiality is maximized this way.  Waiting rooms are comfortable and cozy.

Q. Is it common for people to seek counseling, therapy, or medication when they have problems or concerns?
· Yes. It is now accepted that when individuals experience acute or chronic distress with life problems or emotions a good choice is to get a professional assessment of help.  We are here to assist you in doing that.

Q. How do I get started?
· Look over the material in this web site.  If you see one or more therapists that you are interested in contacting, call him or her for an appointment or to talk on the phone.  Again, if you feel confused, call Teresa Jamison at her intake number, (704) 365-7777 x 380. She will be glad to help you locate a therapist.

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