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Family Therapy

Family therapy typically consists of parents and their children who come into therapy to resolve issues within the family structure.  Occasionally other members of the family also are invited into the family session.  This may include grandparents or other extended family who are closely involved with the family. Family therapy usually involves working on such issues as communication, parenting and discipline, family members' emotions, developmental family stages (moving from having small children to having teenage children, etc.), grief and loss (death of grandparents, pets, etc.) and any other issue that affects the family's overall functioning. Blended family therapy may vary more than other family therapy. Depending on the relationship between divorced parents, blended families may choose to involve both parents or only the parent with whom the child lives.  This may also involve step-parents and step-siblings. On a rare occasion family therapy can be completed in one or two sessions; most of the time, however, it requires several months. Length of therapy depends on the problems, the goals, and the motivation of the family members.  Most of the time the family and the therapist decide to terminate when goals are completed.  The family needs to know, however, that they may stop therapy whenever they choose.

CV Therapists Specializing in Family Therapy:

Robin Fine, MSW, LCSW
Katherine Jones, LCSW
Laura Lawson, MSW, LCSW
Leah Marone, MSW, LCSW
Christine Simpson, MSW,LCSW

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