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Eating Disorders

In our society today we are seeing an epidemic number of Americans concerned about their weight. Unfortunately, excessive preoccupation with weight, food, and body size can lead to serious problems and in some individuals can lead to the development of an Eating Disorder.

Eating Disorders can be broken down into four categories.  Anorexia Nervosa is characterized by an intense fear of weight gain even though individuals are excessively thin.  In these individuals body weight is often 20% below ideal yet they truly believe they are "fat".  Social isolation and moodiness are also symptoms.  Bulimia is an emotional disorder characterized by a recurrent cycle of abnormal eating behavior.  This cycle includes episodes of binge eating, or eating more than an individual believes is acceptable, followed by purging, either with laxatives, diuretics, self induced vomiting or excessive exercise. Emotional overeating or Binge Eating disorder is characterized by an obsession with food and the use of food to deal with emotional issues.  Fat restriction is the fourth category of Eating Disorders and is characterized by a refusal to eat any foods with a fat content.  

Eating Disorders are emotionally based and the treatment needs to be directed at addressing the therapeutic issues involved, not just treatment of the food and weight.  Though low body weight must be addressed, if therapeutic issues are not addressed as well, the recidivism rate is very high and recovery is not usually possible.  At Cameron Valley, we help clients work towards a full recovery from their Eating Disorders and resolution of any and all issues involved.  Counseling is individualized and group counseling is offered as well to those who are interested.  Referrals are made to nutritional counseling with Eating Disorder specialists as needed.

CV Therapists Specializing in Eating Disorders:

Emily Ciepcielinski, Ph.D., LPC
John D. Hall, MD
Leah Marone, MSW, LCSW

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