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Aging Issues

Aging is defined by the physical and mental changes that occur in a person over time.  There have been drastic changes in the age structure in America in the twentieth century as the infant and childhood mortality rates significantly declined.  Thus, the aging population is increasing substantially, and the fastest growing segment of the population is those persons who are 85 and older. Gerontology is the study of aging and the various problems, challenges, or benefits associated with the aging process.  The aging population (usually defined as 65 years or older) is rather specialized in that it deals with a unique set of issues such as:

There is help for this population.  There are various clinicians at Cameron Valley who specialize and are trained to address these aging issues and more.  A one-on-one thorough evaluation or assessment is the first step in treatment.  A person identifies their coping styles, strengths and weaknesses, pressing problems or dilemmas, family and medical history, current medications, support system (family, friends, social activities, etc.) during this evaluation.  Once this information is gathered, a specific, individualized treatment plan can be formulated.  The treatment plan will vary from person to person depending on his or her needs.  This may possibly include ongoing individual counseling or psychotherapy, couple and/or family counseling, referrals to appropriate medical professionals (i.e. geriatric psychiatrists, neurologists, geriatricians, etc.) or referrals to appropriate community or private agencies.  Coordination of care is improved as the "team" (including the client and his or her involved professionals) increase their communication about the person's treatment plan.  Often, reassurance, guidance, and support are needed as the older adult bravely faces these new transitions in the aging process.  

CV Therapists Specializing in Aging Issues:

Charles Butler, MSW, LCSW
Joyce Hennessy, MSW, LCSW
Sara Thompson, MSW, LCSW
Linda Stewart, MSW, LCSW

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