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ADD/ADHD stands for attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  This is a neurological disorder in which the frontal lobe area of the brain is not consistently "turned on" by the electrical impulses which run through the brain.  The frontal lobe is in charge of the executive functions related to motivation, impulse control, and focusing.  A person who has ADD/ADHD has a frontal lobe area which is not functioning consistently and therefore experiences difficulty with many basic parts of life.  Attention deficit disorder can be predominately inattentive type, impulsive type, or hyperactive type.  People are born with ADD/ADHD and now research has proven that it continues into adulthood.  Often ADD/ADHD adults who have struggled for years without any understanding of their life management problems also develop depression or anxiety.

Many of the symptoms of attention deficit disorder are behaviors which everyone does occasionally.....misplacing something, not completing a task, not paying attention in meetings.  However, a person with this neurological disorder does these behaviors excessively so that problems occur in daily functioning. ADD/ADHD impacts every area of the person's life including work, school, finances, family relationships, mood management, sleep, social interactions.  Often ADDers are very intelligent and creative individuals, but they have a nagging sense of under-achievement and frustration with themselves.  Therapy/coaching can help address some of the frustrations and behavioral patterns of ADD/ADHD while medication helps by stimulating the frontal lobe to function.

Some ADD/ADHD Symptoms 

CV Therapists Specializing in ADD/ADHD:
Paula Cherry, MA, LPC, LCAS, NCC
John D. Hall, MD
Katherine Jones, LCSW
Bill Keese, LPC
Mary A. Martin, NP
Jan Thompson, MEd, LPC, LPA

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